Alternate versions of the first ghazal in Hafiz's divan

1.  Love at First

Hey, here Winebringer, circulate, offer the cup this way;
For love at first seemed easy, now problems come to stay. 

Finally breeze sent muskpod's scent from that forehead:
Its twist Of musky hair makes blood clot our hearts today. 

Can wayfarers stay happy and secure in Beloved's house,
When suddenly the bell clangs to: "Lift your load! Away!" 

With wine dye your prayer-mat if the Master commands;
This experienced traveller has understanding of the way. 

The dark night and terrifying wave and fierce whirlpool:
Do those light of burden on shore know where we stay? 

By acting upon my own desires I ruined my reputation:
Can the secret stay that way when crowds tell it all day? 

Hafiz, if you desire the Divine Presence, do not be absent:
When you visit your Beloved: "Farewell" to the world say.



Smith, P.  (1986).  Divan of Hafiz.  Melbourne: New Humanity Books.

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