Alternate versions of the first ghazal in Hafiz's divan

Serve the cup around, O'Saki, for love, I say,
Seemed easy first, yet difficult in the end. 

Lovers' hearts are bleeding, and sure will rend,
When zephyr spreads scent of her curls away. 

In security how can travellers stay,
When trumpets the message of departure send? 

The experienced sage, advised us to say,:
"Wash your prayer-rug in red wine, my friend". 

Those secure on the shore with peace of mind,
Don't know our storm the waves and the dark night. 

Alas, that at last my secrets I find,
Untold at street comers, even before my sight. 

Hafiz, enjoy her company and to her bind,
Suffer the dark world for the sake of future light


Kashani, A. A.  (1984).  Odes of Hafiz: Poetical horoscope.  Lexington: Mazda Publishers.



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